Monday, December 3, 2007

Tag Time

I love 2b's momma for throwing tags at me at regular intervals, but momma I do not know how to create links in my blog! So one of my quirks have to be that I am a silly fool who can blog but cannot create links to others' blogs. I do not have seven blogging friends. I visit the madmomma's blog regularly and 2b's mom's blog and my brother's and Jonathan's random ruminations when he choses to wite and sends us cheeky invitations, Izzy'a and Amrita's blog sometimes and the adventure dad's blog more regularly, so that does not make seven and half of them don't know who the heck I am! What I can do is jot down the seven quirks and implore who ever comes to my blog to consider themselves tagged. If they do not have a blog I implore them to create one and be tagged!

1 My sun sign is scorpio so you can guess how quirky I am, the fact that I am a scorpio and so affected by the fact is in itself a quirk I think.

2 I have a very strong sense of justice and I view the world in black or white. If I am convinced that a particular action is the correct one I proceed to argue and bring others around to my way of thinking thereby wasting precious time. The Mr says I would make a good lawyer!

3 I choose to think that I am a feminist and am very suspicious of the abilities of a man. In fact a close friend of mine accuses me of trying to make her hate men. I told her knowledgeably a long time ago that all boys are suspicious characters and one should steer clear of them!That did not stop her from falling in love with and then marrying her classmate. I think this suspicion of men comes from being educated in a convent where we were told that whereas girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice, boys are made of puppy dog's tails scissors and snails and all things bad!

4 I am dislexic, while coming back from college I read a sign that said ' NAUSEA BAGH-I', taken aback I looked more carefully to find that it is actually 'NAUSENA BAGH-I', and that is the most recent incident!

5 Following from the above I am very bad at spellings, this was hidden from my teachers since a classmate of mine was even worse and the teacher once commented that she (the classmate, not me) can make a dictionary of her own. I thank God for this classmate as my ridiculous spellings went unnoticed.

6I am obessed with clearing the ears and noses of my children and cutting their nails. My children respond to this quirk with loud screams of protest and so does my mother. The moment one of my children land on my lap I start examining his/her ear and nose for wax or nose booger and proceed to remove it immediately making the skin of those watching the episode crawl.

7I can sit just about anywhere, ignoring the dust-stairs, footpaths, floors of the DTC buses, anywhere. This is a common ailment of those who have passed out from Delhi University, so I have heard.

Well 2b's mommy, what do you think? can you teach me to create links?

Missing The Baby

A lot of high drama in my life and finally when the dust settles my little baby is along with my Mr lodged far away in Bangalore. My first born will always be my baby, she is still very babyish and has never really grown up. I have never been away from her except when I went to have the mite and that was only for two days and I was hardly conscious of it has I was recovering from surgery. But now having to send her all alone to her father so that she can appear for an entrance exam was like cutting off a part of me and parcelling it away. Don't know how I did it. The parents in law does not know what hit them when the mr said that if we wish to put her in Kendriya Vidyalaya then we have to send her immediately.My baby bravely went off alone an evening flight. The next morning she appeared for an exam and the principal took her in. It was her first day in school today. The Mr is doing the job of both father and mother, knowing well that it is for four days only as they'll be back on Friday and we will go to Bangalore all together a week from then. If it had been for any longer we would bot have blown a fuse, him for having to deal with her and me for not having her always stuck to my side!