Thursday, April 30, 2009

Down in the Dumps!

Seeing the Brat enjoy her swimming lessons I had felt reassured that it will be smooth sailing for her, however, things started getting unpleasant when the trainers made them do a breadth at a stretch. She just did not have the confidence to do it. The trainers made her go through with it by force. The next day she refused to dive in and the trainers had to throw her in and I could hear her scream from the other end of the pool! Suddenly she was not enjoying herself any more and I started wondering whether I had pushed her too soon. There were some kids who gave up early but out of those who had continued till now the Brat was the loudest protester! She could do the stretch every time and still did not want to practice again. The next day she complained of a head ache and we came away early...we both cried a lot that day...I was really shattered, to see all our efforts wasted like this. I felt she will never be able to swim again. Seeing me like this the Brat relented. Yesterday she bravely jumped into and and did the stretch at the 4 and a half feet side, but when they took her to the deep side it was the same story again- bawling the Brat bawl and refusing to dive in! She, along with two other cry babies were thrown into the water and they did manage to scramble to the sides to catch hold of the edges but they were crying all the time! I was completely at my wits end- I had explained to her that she knows the basics of swimming, her trainers are good and all she needs is practice- but to no avail, she hollered away the whole time! I had to bring her back. Today they had an extra class in the morning but she had school today... and she refused to go point blank! What I observed was that all those who had learnt properly were taller than her...maybe when she grows taller she will be able to overcome her fear. I used to be afraid of the deep side too but I did not have any trainer who was willing to give me time and assistance, and unfortunately my baby could not take advantage of the opportunity that she got. I was hoping to record a video of her swimming but in all this drama I just did not have the mood. Ah well, I did try to give a good start to the brat but sometimes fate comes in the way.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ahem, a tag, at last!

I thank 2b's mom for having such faith in me, after I had made such a hash of her previous tag! Some friends just don't give up on you...(lump in throat and tears in eyes). Well I have been tagged to put a finger on five things that I love about being a mom- actually I can write a million things but I will try to think hard to zero in on what I like about it as of today...I am sure that my brat and mite will give me another million reasons to like motherhood again tomorrow.

1. Well, first things first, I loved being pregnant, the very idea of having a new life coming into existence inside you was exhilerating. Although I had high blood pressure throughout the first time and swollen face and feet both times, I did not mind at all.

2 Then out pops the baby, its first glance, the entire feeling when you touch the being who was till now inside you kicking feels like all of your insides heart, lungs, stomach, liver is melting into a pulp, there is so much love that you feel like jelly!

3 When the baby starts feeding, that little mouth programed to suckle, making contented grunting sounds, it is difficult to hold yourself together. I remember crying out loud when I realised that my last baby is weaned and I will not have a chance to see another little one contently feeding, latched on to me!

4 When a million 'ummas' (kisses) are deposited on your face just after you have spanked a little bottom making them cry. they have complete amnesia- one moment I am screaming hysterically and the kid is throwing a tantrum that could shame a tsunami, the next moment a tsunami of kisses engulfs me! they have not learnt their lesson!

5 The sound of hearing the word 'mamma' a trillion times a day from the moment they get up till before you pass out at night, in different tones...better than any music...

buuus, that's it?...I was only getting started...anyhow this should do for a start!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Progess of the Brat and Mite: Swimming Lessons and Imaginary friends

The Brat is having a smashing time at her swimming classes. She had a minor set back yesterday because she could not flap the legs properly but I am sure she will pick up soon. Monday is off day for her, so she can try again tomorrow. The mite and I totter about at the poolside for the hour, he collects leaves and says the darndest of things- "aami baritei chaan korbo" ( I will take a bath at home)- he cannot understand why I bring his didi to this great mass of water for a bath, he wants to make clear that he likes to have his bath at home, thank you! The Brat had only one imaginary friend- a guy called Baalbul. Baalbul came into being when we had a power cut and our inverter was out of order- there was pitch darkness, something the brat had never seen, on top of that the adults were discussing what can be done to resolve the crisis. The brat declared that Baalbul the electrician would arrive and everything will be alright. Since that time Baalbul became a part of the family and we would have to have phone calls with him, feed him along with the brat and take him out with us when we went out.This continued for sometime and then suddenly my baby grew out of Baalbul. now if I tell her about him she gives a shy smile and tries to evade the issue. She does not want to discuss about him. The mite discovered his imaginary friends when he needed to pin the blame on someone for deeds done by him- so was born 'Du-du-du'and 'Walebabu'. "Mamma dekho Du-du-du auto ta bhenge diyechhe" " Wallebabu jol phele diyechhe" (Du-du-du has broken the toy autorickshaw, Walebabu has dropped water) and so on and so forth. Now he adds his own makebelieve names to these names- he was called 'Pink Pajamas' yesterday but now he is 'White Pajamas' and "pink Pajamas' is another friend- so is 'Biker', 'Dark Blue Pajamas', 'Face Face' etc etc. Now if all of these guys are upto something or the other, what does that make me- a mum on the verge of breakdown, what else!!?!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunday Excursion....Nandi Hill

We decided to push off to Nandi Hill on Sunday. It is pretty easy to get there, just board the 8:30 bus from Majestic platform no. 10- smooth sailing- no planning no bookings no complications. I think the Karnataka tourism department can ply a profitable volvo service in this route, but for now the State bus though a little worn does a good job, just a few puffs and pants and a little wheesing while negociating the hairpin curves on the hill. We landed at the bus stop on the hill in 2hours time. We wanted to explore the top of the hill so we took a car ride to the top instead of trudging up as we did last time. We walkind down the steep incline from the top and sat for sometime at the children's park.Then we walked around the Nehru Nilaya guest house exploring the garden. We had lunch at the KSTDC eatery which has a lovely view of the countryside below. Then we settled into 3 benches at the nehru Nilaya for a short rest. After resting we went to the children's park again where the brat went on the rides and the mite ran about and the Mr and I dosed off on the benches and watched the kids play. When it neared sun down we visited the temple and settled down on the mountain top for the show. It was marvellous. While coming down we saw thw lights of the city twinkling like a million stars below.
We had no idea how we were going back! The Mr sprung a surprise by arranging for a truck ride till Chikkaballabhpur! Now, we had taken two truck rides before this but this one was something else. The truck was carrying cardboard cartons folded and kept in neat piles. We clambered on and off we went. The mite was terrified so he stuck to me- the brat liked the adventure. The truck has no shock absorbers so it was a bumpy ride. When it turned at the hairpin curves it seemed as if the whole starlit sky was changing its position! When the mite shifted to the Mr's lap and promptly fell asleep, I could ly down flat on the cardboard piles and watch the sky- all the extra fat in my body was nearly shaken up well and truely! From the highway we got a magestic bus- we returned after having delicious appam stew at a new joint at Forum. A day well spent!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blast It!

Another series of blasts and another story of complete unpreparedness of the police and fire services. Another case of prior knowledge and yet total neglect by the keepers of law and order. The public agony and frustration was clear at Guwahati as they screamed their grievances at the madia. The fire brigade did not come on time, the police were nowhere to be seen. If it was known that such attacks are possible then why wasn't the police on high alert? Why didn't they have proper drills so that the fire engines and the police can reach any terror spot as quickly as possible? No enquirey no nothing...only anguish and loss. Can the rage ogf the people get converted into some action by the authorities? Questions answer in sight!