Monday, April 20, 2009

Progess of the Brat and Mite: Swimming Lessons and Imaginary friends

The Brat is having a smashing time at her swimming classes. She had a minor set back yesterday because she could not flap the legs properly but I am sure she will pick up soon. Monday is off day for her, so she can try again tomorrow. The mite and I totter about at the poolside for the hour, he collects leaves and says the darndest of things- "aami baritei chaan korbo" ( I will take a bath at home)- he cannot understand why I bring his didi to this great mass of water for a bath, he wants to make clear that he likes to have his bath at home, thank you! The Brat had only one imaginary friend- a guy called Baalbul. Baalbul came into being when we had a power cut and our inverter was out of order- there was pitch darkness, something the brat had never seen, on top of that the adults were discussing what can be done to resolve the crisis. The brat declared that Baalbul the electrician would arrive and everything will be alright. Since that time Baalbul became a part of the family and we would have to have phone calls with him, feed him along with the brat and take him out with us when we went out.This continued for sometime and then suddenly my baby grew out of Baalbul. now if I tell her about him she gives a shy smile and tries to evade the issue. She does not want to discuss about him. The mite discovered his imaginary friends when he needed to pin the blame on someone for deeds done by him- so was born 'Du-du-du'and 'Walebabu'. "Mamma dekho Du-du-du auto ta bhenge diyechhe" " Wallebabu jol phele diyechhe" (Du-du-du has broken the toy autorickshaw, Walebabu has dropped water) and so on and so forth. Now he adds his own makebelieve names to these names- he was called 'Pink Pajamas' yesterday but now he is 'White Pajamas' and "pink Pajamas' is another friend- so is 'Biker', 'Dark Blue Pajamas', 'Face Face' etc etc. Now if all of these guys are upto something or the other, what does that make me- a mum on the verge of breakdown, what else!!?!


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The mite is too cute. SO he thinks that his big sister is coming to the pool for a bath ! hehehe

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