Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A New Era In America

What people had hoped and prayed for has come true - it is President Obama in the US! But is it mere symbolism like a woman President in India and a powerful woman Prime Minister could not change the low status of women in general, will Obama too be a mere symbol of the emancipation of coloured people in America- only time will tell. although Obama is said to be the 'best public speaker' that was seen in a long time, the speech that made me want to curl up and die in shame was the speech of McCain, accepting defeat. When we compare it with the attitude of the losers among Indian politicians. McCain made it clear that he would work with Obama for the country that "we both love". Here the country is greater than the party ideology greater than individual beliefs.
In our country all the opposition does is try to hurl accusations on the elected leader from day one. Remember when Sonia's PM ship was considered and there was a lot of mud slinging all around and debate on outsiders etc. Then even after Manmohan Singh became PM there was a lot of ridicule about him being a loyalist of the Gandhi family and a shadow of Sonia Gandhi. The one point program of the opposition is ti reinstate themselves in power from day one. There is no intention of working for the country together with the party that has won. I admit that there was a lot of mud slinging in the US elections too but the defeat speech brought forward what is the most important thing that this fight was about - America. This concern for the country above victory and defeat is what is lacking in our politicians.
My best wishes for Obama may is world view benifit all and bring peace and prosperity in our world.


2 B's mommy said...

well said, Diya...I too liked what McCain said.

2 B's mommy said...

its been a while Diya....hope everything is ok.

Rohit said...

Waiting for new post.

diya said...

I had to go to Delhi to attend my viva voce. You guys will be happy to know that my thesis ia accepted and I am technically a PhD now. Then the Brat had her exams for which I have to put in twice as much effort than her. Thereafter the Brat suffered from an allergic reaction, which was my fault, I prepared her omelette in a hurry and one side was not fully done and she has a reaction to that. Then the Mumbai terror attack occured and I was glued to the TV almost 24 hours a day and I am still in shock. Therefore no post. Am recovering now but cannot say that anything can be the same after such an incident!