Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prabhakaran: The Tamil Dilemma

Well, Prabhakaran is dead ( although some people still claim he lives) and Sri Lanka may be congratulated for rooting out terrorism from their land. Wouldn't India want to do the same in Kashmir and the US with Osama?? The world community was quick to condemn Sri Lanka in its failure to arrest civilian casualties, would the world community issue the same injunctions for the LTTE or do the terrorists not belong to the world? India is in a bind about how to react in this situation. Once again, the futility of terror as a means to settle political problems has been proved. In a violent form of protest you are invariably violating someone else's human right to life, thus jeopardizing your own cause. Problem of political representation, autonomy and rights have to be worked out through dialogue. The Tamils all over the world who are mourning prabhakaran must realise that after all he was a millitary strategist and he died the death of a soldier....fighting with his men. He would not have been able to speak the language of harmony for he represented the disruption of terror. The point is that he Tamil settlers just cannot demand a separate country of Sri Lanka while oweing complete allegience to Tamil Nadu in India, Vaiko and gang should reasilse that it is not their struggle. The most the tamils can ask for is non-discrimination and equal rights as citizens of Sri Lanka they cannot blast bombs all over the place kill Sri lankan and Indian ministers and generally create havoc and then hope to get humanitarian treatment and a separate state within Sri Lanka. if they are so keen on a separate land for themselves why not take a boat back to Tamil Nadu to the likes of Vaiko and party who bleed for them!? How can India, which is fighting a so called 'freedom fighter terrorists' at its northern border support a similar ideology amongsts its own people in another country.
Clearly, Prabhakaran has spoilt the Tamil case in Sri Lanka, the govt of that country will be cautious in giving powers to its Tamil residents and now that they have a military victory there are even less chances of Sri Lankan govt to pay heed to the tamil cause.
I feel sorry for all the innocents who lost their lives and the thousands who are still suffereing from injuries and psychological scars of battle. May there be peace and justice.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Prabhakaran who set out to bring liberation to the Tamil people in Sri Lanka ended up ruining the image of the Tamil people. I am a Sri Lankan, and now with Prabhakaran gone, Sri Lanka will be able to achieve real peace and real unity for all the ethnic groups in the nation :)

diya said...

Thanks for your comment. May Sri Lanka find peace and harmony.

2 B's mommy said...

Amen to that ! Let there be peace now.

Usha said...

The island will find peace eventually but the wounds left by these 25 years of the fight will take long to heal.
The lucky ones manage to escape the land but for those who stayed behind it has been a life of horror - women raped or lost their men in the cause of Tamil Ealam are psychological wrecks. And a whole generation of youngsters know nothing but to load their guns and shoot indiscriminately. They have never been to school nor do they kn ow 'normal' life.
These are the tougher challenges before the government - to rehabilitate them and make them feel 'normal' once again.

diya said...

In any kind of strife the women and children are always the worst affected and has to make the greatest adjustments for the longest time.