Monday, November 23, 2009

The First Whites!!

A few days after my 39th birthday, I discovered my first grey hair nestled amongst the black ones right behind my left ear. There was high excitement all around because I had declred that I would use hair colour the moment I saw my first gery. I have wanted to colour my hair for a long time, I had a vision of dark auburn hair or maybe some interesting streaks. I never dared to experiment till the time my hair was naturally black, but now there is nothing to stop me...yaaay! The Brat discovered another white hair at the back of my head. Now, the problem is that I cannot see my own white hair properly, it takes a while to dig out the one behind my ear and I have to really take my eyeballs to the extreme left and focus to have a vague glimpse of it. It had not occured to me that unless my eyes can pop out and position themselves at the back of my head, I will never be able to take a good look at the new white hair I have sprouted. Now I want to observe my white hair at close quarters and so am postponing the hair colouring plan till I sprout some in places that I can see!! Somehow I had assumed that I would turn grey like Indira Gandhi, from front backwards! Well, man proposes God disposes. Untill I colour my hair I have to receive helpful suggestions from the Brat..."mamma colour it red" , "streak in some pink", "how about navy blue?"!! A whole array of prospects have opened before me...well watch this space for my new coloured hair photos!!

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Usha said...

Hey I hope you had a wonderful birthday. My best wishes for a happening year ahead.
And that is indeed a positive spin to something like greying. May you grey gracefully as you wish!