Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tag Time!!

My friend 2b's mom tagged me to list seven things about myself and tag seven others for the same. I am ashamed to say that I still cannot insert a link and I still do not have seven friends in the blog world who have not already done the tag. Therefore here is my half effort...sorry momma, I am trying....

1. I am completely addicted to Facebook and its many games and at the moment I am playing 5 games actively!

2. I love pottering about in little quaint shops in weekly or local markets which I find more thrilling than going to malls.

3. I can still spend a whole day reading an Agatha Christie mystery book.

4. If I had my own way I would have raw vegetables and fruit every day and spend my time exploring the city I live in.

5. I love watching my babies when they are asleep.

6. I cry while watching the TV serial Jyoti....stories of sacrifice and revolution move me a lot!

7. I love to have people around me all the time...I just cannot bear to be alone!

I tag -nm for the time being and beg for a little time to tag the others...heh heh


Rohit said...

Long time no hear!

Rohit said...

Hi there! Is everything well with you?