Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Child Sexual Abuse Is the Most Henious Kind of Human Rights Violation!

As parents, as mothers, there ia constant fear for our children in this regard. Stats show that the abuser, nine times out of ten, is Known Person, a person in a position of trust and responsibility. The 'do not talk to strangers' dictum may not work every time. Instead of quaking in our shoes and praying that our children do not go through such ordeals, we should try to understand the phenomenon and learn from the mistakes and sufferings of others. We must learn and teach our kids how to be vigilant and how to react when faced with such an assault.
The Child Sexual Abuse Awareness initiative is a great opportunity to share and learn about this menace and how one can deal with it. Please participate and be aware!
As if to reierate the urgency of this initiative, there's a report of one such henious crime today-

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