Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Enlightened Mommas and This and That

I thank heartily my brother at for giving a link to the mad momma for now I am intensely proud that there are other moms like me who are managing to be a mom and at the same time not being brain dead. From mad momma's blog ( I have come to know that there are many such mommas out there. These moms are younger than me I think because the species that I meet at my neighbourhood park are my age and completely zonked. I can't see them being a biomechanics (or some such thing) professional by day and a writer by night as is dotmom. It is good to see that the moms of today have evolved into a very superior multi-tasking species. I belong to a generation before this lot who are not completely overwhelmed by motherhood but neither do they express themselves so profoundly and effortlessly. I belong to the generation that has come to know of Harry Potter but are not reading the latest copy in a mad frenzy. In fact I have not been able to read any of them after the first one and I am not even afraid to say so! But I identify entirely with what mad momma has to say about getting the right perspective in life. Like the humbling and beautiful relationship that is motherhood, there are other inter-personal connections like friendship, and the one shared between husband and wife that are more important than speed reading the last Harry Potter. But I am glad for Potter and the rise of the reading habit in children. For the time being I am struggleing to get my seven year old to read. She refuses to. She hates to learn spellings and you will be surprised to see how difficult it is to teach kids what they do not want to learn. I must admit that their English text is very uninteresting and the poetry makes you want to scream out loud but I am still to convince her that you cannot get by without learning to read!

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