Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hey Mrs President!

Well, we have beaten the US to it! Even as the electorate there mulls over the candidature of Hillary Clinton as the next President, we have already put a woman president in place!But how much will change for Indian women? only God knows. Feticide, rape, abduction, sexual harassment, economic dependency, torture, and no security of even a roof over her head, this is the predicament of Indian women. After reading about one harrowing tale of rape after another I think instead of contemplating sex education for children the government should hold such classes for adults for if the older generation treats sex as a means to gratify their thirst for power over hapless women and children how can we expect their progeny to be normal. we believe that education has to be completed by about the age of 20 when one is expected to join a profession. Then one is said to have 'completed ones studies'. However I believe that education is an on going process. We learn from the time that we are born till the moment of our death and the perpetrators of these henious crimes need education like none other. I have read that most of the cases of such abuse are perpetrated by persons known to the victim even relatives. Women should also be taught how to deal with such behavior and the importance of reporting such incidents.

But all said and done, one feels a slight thrill when one finds that we now have a woman for a President. It is a sign that it is possible for women to occupy the highest post in the country. It sort of opens a new avenue for women. Even if not a single step is taken to eradicate women's problems during her term, we can always point at her and say-"if we can have a woman heading the country then they cannot be inferior in any way". I wish our new president the best of luck!

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