Thursday, November 15, 2007

Eighteen Year Old 'Children'

My class reminded me on Tuesday that the next day was children's day, "Oh yes..." I said absentmindedly. There was a poignant silence for a few seconds and then someone ventured "Ma'am we want a treat"! Hello, I thought this is BA IIIrd year class,these girls must be 17-18 years old and they want a treat for children's day!! Then I relented and said "what do you want coffee?" "soup" said someone "no ma'am, get us some sweets". "OK, but be sure to submit your assignments" I said and walked out. On childern's day I bought small chocolate bars from the canteen for the girls, I gave it to one of them to distribute and these girls behaved like little children all excited with their chocolates, asking me whether they could have the chocos right then in class, which I allowed. I sat back and watched this class of 17-18 year olds behave like little children, grabbing and throwing, accusing each other of taking more than one, chomping happily on the bars and teasing each other. Really, these girls do deserve a treat for they are still children, thought I. They are not old enough to have this little joy and thrill taken from their lives. They need to hold on a little longer to the carefree existence of a child for this is their last chance. After college I am sure no one will give them the benifit of doubt regarding this matter. They will be adults both legally and in real terms. All the best guys, I thought, have a happy adult life!


2B's mommy said...

hey Diya,no post ? its been a while..

Aarti said...

hey Ma'am..thankyou so much 4 mentioning dis incident..
well, we r still kids at heart..wat 2 do.??
after we complete our grad we wont have time 2 enjoy evry moment of life as we try n make use of evrything now..!!!!
thanku n yeah u r a wonderful person..
a very very sweet teacher..
sorry 4 troubling u so much..
4give us if we evr hurt u in anyway..!!!
thnx..n all the best ...!!!!