Friday, March 7, 2008

At Peace in Bangalore

Hey there world! Iam back! I don't see any fireworks or fanfare happening but still could not resist the exclamatories. As the dust settles down after our whirlwind transfer and resettlement in Bangalore I am looking back fondly at the last two and a half months that were exciting and full of fun. I enjoyed both the ups and downs and I am looking forward to all the adventures that we are about to have here. We have taken to the city like fish to water. All we have to do is avoid the city roads at rush hour, apart from the traffic problem, that can be solved with proper infrastructure, I did not experience nor hear of any other complaint about the city.

The most striking thing about the city is the shape of its trees. There are still quite a few trees remaining even after the unprecedented urban growth. The trees are huge and spread out in a mesmerising manner in beautiful shapes.

The Mr has done pretty well for himself in chosing our house. It is a cosy little two bedroom set in a house which belongs to a retired policeman. The gentleman has erected a four storied edifice with several small independent sets and stuffed it with the IT types who disappear in the morning and arrive late at night thus saving a lot of water. We and a Himachali couple are the only families other than the landlord's extended family. Most people are scared to stay with their landlords due to fear of interference in their day to day lives but we are very happy this way. We have moved from the shelter of our parent right into that of our resourceful landlord. From water to soil for my plants everything is provided by them.

I am most happy with my daughter's school. The teachers mean business and they have managed to extract the best from my uninterested child. Her spellings are still a problem but she is doing well. The little one is also pottering about happily near my feet all day and shocking us with his statements. They miss their grandparents but now that they are coming over next month I can always say "they'll be here on so n so date and we will have a lot of fun".

Today we got the internet connection so here I am again.I have met two school pals and one college pal and we have promised to meet from time to time so I am also getting a live here. I have also got myself 25 plants and they are all over my balcony, just looking at them makes me feel good. I do not miss Delhi in the least, but I miss my parents in law. I hate being the only adult in the house for the better part of the day. Ah well, they'll be coming down for some days in April and then my parents will be here in May so I will get by. I have befriended a few of the tenants too a new bride and a young working girl. We exchange recipies and chat on the stairs. There is also an old lady one of the IT chap's grandmom who is here to take care of her unwell grandson. My children love her because she reminds them of their own grandmom. But there is a language problem with me so we have to rely on sign language and some common English words.

Well, 2bs momma will atleast be glad to see this post, momma I am fine and kicking as you see, bring on the comments and the tags my friend!

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2 B's mommy said...

Welcome back Diya ! Glad to see you blogging again. I have been coming by regularly to check for updates !

Good to know that you guys have settled well in the new city. Looking forward to some interesting stories about your life in the new environment :-)