Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wandering Around Bangalore two kids in tow

2b's momma's tag weighed so heavily on me that i suspended my writing for sometime to learn some blogging skills. Well after failing miserably in the skill learning department I somehow managed to honour the tag and here I am a load off my shoulder, a welcome load nonetheless for how else will I learn the tricks?
Meanwhile I have been about the town quite a bit. Weekend outings with the Mr apart I have also been speeding off with the kids to various places (not too far from our house, but not near either). Our favourite destination is ofcourse Lal Bagh where we have been quite a few times. Yesterday we went to JC Road which is the furniture hub of Bangalore to pick up cushions for our cane sofas, the trip was a success.
We are also taking off for the weekend so there is much to look forward to.
Holi is very subdued here in fact there is no mention of holi in the calendar so we can safely go off at this time. The mite's behaviour during our outings is however causing some concern. He will not stop at shops and he hates waiting while we make purchases. He does not like to go to people's houses either.We are waiting for him to grow out of the habit of screaming and crying at public places but it is a strain. TodayI tried to reason with him when he was more calm (I had gone to LalBagh with him to buy some flower pots and he had screamed all the time that the purchases were being made). I told him about the trauma we both went through due to his behaviour and I asked him not to do it again. I do not know whether our talk will have any permanent effect we will find out when we go out next. I do not think that he will have a problem while going out sightseeing. But he also does not act up when we go to the corner store for our daily needs and he actually likes shopping for vegetables and fish. I cannot figure out why he goes beserk on our weekend outings and that too while going into shops. There was not a sound from him when we went boating on the Ulsoor Lake or when we visited the aquarium near Cubbon Park and the joy rides there.
He is the most irritating when we go to the houses of friends and relatives. He cannot stand it when I chat with people whom he thinks are strangers. If I am chatting with Nimmi our neighbour he does not mind but if I visit my friend's house for a chat he will bring the roof down screaming! Nita, my friend says that she has the diagnosis for his behaviour and it is too much attention from me! I think she's right, he is so used to having me at his beck and call that he cannot take it when I seem to be defying his orders. Ah well, these are the terrible twos so I cannot expect the going to be smooth.
The other day I was reading in the newspaper an article on how the need for 'space' in human relationships which was of prime importance a decade ago has given way to the increasing feeling of togetherness in all relationships where people are spending more time with each other and enjoying each other's company. My family is going through the 'need for space' phase. my daughter wants to do her own thing, I want to live my own life, my son wants to get his own way, and the husband wants to get away from it all!But we still want to enjoy our weekend getaway, in that we are united in our desires, so see you after the trip guys, unless I decide to jot somethings tomorrow too!

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