Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There is Magic in the Air- and elections too!

I am very excited! We are going for PC Sorcar's magic show! It's been soooo long since I went for one of his shows. I am thrilled!We used to be crazy about magic shows, don't know how the children will react, tough. In this age of cartoon network and special affects movies will my daughter care about a bit of magic. As for the mite he is in the habit of taking offence at the slightest gesture and starting to wail, how will he reat to the exagerated theatrics of Sorcar's show. Well, we shall wait and see!
The elections are upon us, although we will not be voting, it will be interesting to see what kind of government the Bangaloreans will vote into power. Surely a popular government is better than President's rule. Contentious issues like price rise, the city's infrastructure etc will finally be addressed by the people's representatives. The location of the new airport has become a contentious issue too, the problems will mainly be faced by those taking domestic flights. I, as a lay person do not understand the logistics involved in operating two airports but simplistically part of the problem might be solved if domestic flights are allowed to operate from the present airport and international flights shifted to the new one. But who will take these decisions, clearly, the presence of a government is crucial for the city. The question is will the politicians take quick and effective steps to solve the problems of the city or will they play the game of politics and one upmanship forgetting about the people who brought them into power in the first place.

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