Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Writer's Block

My grandmother used to maintain a diary in which she recorded the minutest of details regarding her daily life. On some days I found she had an entry that said 'aaj aar kichhui lekhar nei' (today there is nothing to write). "What nonsense! I told her, why can't you leave the page blank, that would amount to the same thing", she merely smiled benignly. I wonder, she might have wanted to record the emptiness of her mind that day. Today I am having a similar feeling. After recoding the details of Madikeri, I feel an emptiness, as if all issues have been addressed, all the nuances captured, what now? At the same time I feel the urge to put down something, but what? Life has moved on after Madikeri,

-my daughter has started Class III at it was her first day of school yesterday.

-we received our first 'guest' in this house as our friends the Sanyals paid us a visit.

-my plants are flowering after the brief rains.

-Nimmi, my neighbour and friend, has left this accommodation so I have lost a source of interesting recipies, my daughter has lost a playmate and my son his first love.
-the landlord's family has brought home a little puppy to the joy of my children.
Well, thats all the stuff I can think of this moment, will be back when the block clears.


Alapana said...

Sometimes it so happens that even when we have something to write the fingers won't move maybe because we dont feel it:) so thats ok,you can write when you feel like:)
The plant in full bloom has no name {well,i am not aware of it} I just know that in winters each leaf will become a flower,Yes,each green leaf will turn white and it feels like flowers:)
Well,thank you for the flowers offer,sounds very sweet but the venue is not my kind:( In one year i have been to Forum once and had an instant dislike and i stay very near to it but never went back:) Well,if i am not wrong you visited Lalbagh,do you stay somewhere near by because i travel till there daily:)

diya said...

I am also walking distance from forum. I visit Lalbagh very often with my kids. I am near dairy circle. Have you seen the garden at Bangalore dairy it is awesome. I like the ride from over the flyover towards lalbagh where you can have a birds eye view of the trees on both sides of the road. I hold my breath and take in the sight of those branches spread out as if to embrace the sky.

Rohit said...

Diya.... I guess its your name. I was roaming through AALAPANA, when I saw your comment.... it interest me and i m here :)
I must say the pics are heavenly beautiful.There is nothing more powerful in the world than blankness......The first stroke of a brush on an empty canvas destroys not only its virginity but also the beauty of its blankness. Have a nive weekend....

Koko said...

Thats a lovely place you have visited.
Do keep writing....you have a special talent of being able to potray the simplest of things vividly and making them come to life.
You can write about your school friends, life in Delhi vs calcutta while growing up...there are so many things to reflect back upon

2 B's mommy said...

happens to all of us, I guess, but it will pass.

I wrote a 'Blank' post a few days back while feeling exactly the same feelings you mentioned but you have put it in much better way - you express yourself beautifully.


Have felt this emptiness so many times,it just the way it is ..:)

Did you say Lalbagh,i just love that place,i go there every sunday.The vastness of the place helps one empty himself in nature.

It is really refreshing to visit Lalbagh,enjoy maadi