Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ma Baba and I

For the first time in the ten years of my marriage my parents are actually staying with me! They are in Bangalore for a month. We have adjusted pretty well to each other's routine. While my parents in law are very flexible, my father has a set time table which he does not break so we have also adjusted likewise and enjoying it. We are used to sleeping till eight but Ma Baba are up and about by seven and are sitting in the balcony by then. Thanks to them I am getting my morning cup of tea. The Mr is not a tea person and I hate having tea alone so I do not make tea in the morning unless the Mr asks for it (which is rarely), but my parents enjoy the morning cuppa so I have company everyday!
My father had expressed a desire to go to the sea side so we are off to Mangalore this weekend. I am apprehensive because my father has lost thre use of the right side of his body after a stroke and has not undertaken long train journeys for the past six years, and it will take some planning to see that all goes smoothly. Though the Mr is an expert in planning trips, this will be a challenge for us. See you after the trip!

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