Monday, May 5, 2008

Mistake Mistake

I'm sure that anybody who is reading these posts will be sick and tired of my investigative search for the true PC Sorcar heir but I must set certain things straight before I finally put an end to this topic. After much reseach from the net obviously and after putting the many scattered pieces of my memory together I have finally figured out the stuff. PC Sorcar senior had three sons not two as I had thought earlier. The third and youngest is this lesser known PC Sorcar Young. The eldest is in the US and he is into animation and doing well for himself there, he has done some good work in India too. PCSorcar Junior's troupe is called 'Indrajaal' and Mr Young calls his 'Indrajal' with an a missing. Still have not found out the original of this name. If it was used first by Jr then Yg is taking advantage of reflected glory by adopting similar name. Be that as it may questions still remain, however things are not hunky dory between the bros for they do not perform together and Yg never mentions the more acclaimed Jr in his shows.
Also I do feel short changed because I was fooled by the similar names and had to watch one Sorcar when I was expecting another.

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