Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guluda Mall: The Place After Our Hearts

Although we live close to The Forum, we all like Garuda Mall better in some ways. Firstly Inox there has a 100Rs ticket on Sunday morning, the Fabindia store there is good, there is a fengshui knick knack shop which we like, the Mr likes a handmade soap shop, and the food court stuff is more reasonably priced than the Forum. The mite calls it Guluda Mall, and he loves the small doggie we bought from the Archie's Store.We spent two Sundays at Garuda with Ma and Baba. The first time we were spread out in three theatres Ma-baba watching Woodstock Villa, the kids and I went for Narnia, and the Mr catching up on some action in Indiana Jones. Thereafter we made a beeline for Beijing the Chinese and Thai outlet at the Food Court for a soul satisfying meal. Baba is very difficult to please but he liked this morning excersice so much that he expressed a desire to watch Sarkar Raj there. We warned him that the reviews were bad but to no avail. This time the Mr gave the film a miss because he did not get the tickets for the Night Shyamalan movie and the kids and I went for Mere Baap Pehle Aap! Having no expectation from the movie we quite enjoyed it, there was no sleazy humour like in some recent hits, Paresh Rawal was good and Om Puri as the desparate old man was not vulgar. Good for a few laughs and I just love to watch Shobhana even though she does not have much to do. The heroine was raw, but she can go on to be good with the proper polishing. Ma-Baba came out with hair standing on end, but their nerves were calmed after another delicious meal at Beijing.

On Saturday the Mr and I discovered a wonderful spot in Lal Bagh- the Lal Bagh Tank, a wonderful soothing lake where frayed nerves can be healed. If you enter by the East gate then all you have to do is walk straight down to the lake. It is a beautiful, serene water body with ducks floating around, some islands in the middle of the lake had some large water birds. You can take a walk along the bank of the lake or sit on the benches lining it. It is truely theraputic. We found out that entry is free at LalBagh till 5:30 am! I wish I were a dedicated morning walker!


2 B's mommy said...

shopping, movie, meal and then movie again - sounds like a perfect family fun !

How are you doing Diya ?

diya said...

What a relief to hear from you momma!I missed you very much. I hope all is well in your new home. Meanwhile inflation has hit all time high in India I am scared to visit your blog and see further problems that you may be facing. Anyhow loved to see your comment, we are having fun my parents are here and mom and I keep rushing off to Chikpete, the local market to buy silks at unbelievable rates, no inflation in that!