Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tiffy Twosome

I: Hello?
The Mr: Hello?
I: Hello?
The Mr : Baby...?
I: (confusedly) ....yeah
Short cut and dried conversation follows on the phone. Later I think, the last I encountered the Mr we were engaged in a skirmish of words, so the tender "..Baby?.." cannot be intended for me. That realisation leads me two more realisations.. my daughter who picks my phone most of the time has grown old enough to start sounding like me and father and daughter share a very tender relationship something that I am not always a part of. One realisation makes me sad the other gives me relief. My baby is growing up fast, I take a long look at her pouring over her homework, scratching her nose from time to time, chewing her pencil now and then...only sometime back she was a chubby cheeked toddler wizzing about in her baby walker and doing her colouring fiercely. Now my mite is a toddler and miraculously my 'baby' has grown. The second realization makes me happy for I had thought that the Mr is unable to give quality time to the babies so his relationship with them is becoming cut and dried, "have you done homework", "did you go out with Ma", etc. The children are always all over him but I have mostly observed that he does not show his affection verbally- which to my mind is very important- specially to the elder one. Anyhow be that as it may, now I am relieved that he packs a lot of love even into the one word he says to her!
The Mr and I are still at loggerheads, though, and I am hoping for a weekend reconsiliation!


Anonymous said...

Recociliation happened?

diya said...

Yes, after a fashion, it was not a grand one but will do for the present.

Rohit said...