Monday, August 11, 2008

Progress of the Mite and the Bratty Girl

The elder one is doing well in school. She is intimidated by me so she is very timid. I had told her to keep answering in class and speaking to the teacher, and to volunteer to participate in extra curricular activities. I don't know why, but she followed this advice and has won two second prizes for solo song and English Recitation competitions. She has gained in confidence. She also took part in a class play and today she has come home with the monitor badge. Al these activities have given vent to her restless spirit. She is doing her studies herself most of the time. Although she still springs the occassional 9 pm surprise or rather a shock, declacing that she has unfinished work due on the next day! She still remains highly strung, ever complaining and prone to burst into tears at the slightest provocation, but there are signs of improvement that I cannot deny. I am keeping my fingures crossed.
The mite is still out of school. We were thinking of putting him this week but he is still coughing and he also has a runny nose. We want to make the affair as little of a horrifying experience for him as possible. In theory he has understood the stuff, he says he will go to school and learn ABC etc, but in practice we are sure that he will put up a fight for a week atleast. A runny nose will make matters worse. So next week it is folks. Meanwhile he has crossed the 2 and a half year mark on the 9th of August. Fingers crossed for the mite too!

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2 B's mommy said...

Well done ! so happy to know about the 'Bratty Girl' !! Wonderful. she is only following your adivse yaar, be happy :-)

Don't worry about mite, make the school sound fun for him and find a school that IS fun, that's all :D