Friday, August 29, 2008

Daredevil MIL!

My parents in law gave us a scare when they reported that a bag that my MIL was clutching was snatched from her in the bustle of the Malviya Nagar Market in Delhi in broad day light (rather evening light). Delhi is not the best place for elderly couples who are living on their own, but being robbed in your own back yard is too much. This market is the nearest from our colony where all the daily needs are available. We go there once at least in a week sometimes more. Ma Baba go there together, sometimes we go with them sometimes Baba goes alone. So even if we had been in Delhi there is no guarantee that we would be with them when this incident occured.
Well Ma and Baba had gone to the market and bought a few things and suddenly in the middle of the service road a guy comes on a motorbike and speeds off with Ma's bag and Ma rushes after him in full speed. By God's grace the man gets stuck in a traffic jam soon after and Ma reaches him in a huff and says "give me back my bag" or something to that effect and the robber hands it to her because he has no place to run! Then Ma looks back and there is no sign of Baba and none of the crowd help her in any way. The robber could have taken out a knife and hurt her and made off with the bag and no one would have said anything, this is the state of the crime capital. But nothing of that sort happened and the MIL escaped unscathed with her bag too which had her cell phone, her purse, and the purchases which they had made. She says only a cake (worth 20Rs) was missing, it must have fallen out or something.
It is true that some guardian angel was looking over Ma Baba otherwise they would not have been let off with so little loss. But this incident has made us very worried for them. Elderly people are easy targets for these robbers and this has reminded us how vulnerable our parents are. But there is nothing that one can do other than tell them again and again to be careful. Tell them not to go out late in the evening to the market. This is unfair, why should their movemnet be restricted because the law and order system cannot deter goons. I remember right after the bomb blasts in Delhi security was beefed up in the market area. If the guardians of law cannot prevent these snatching incidents how will they combat terror which operates in a much more clandestine manner. Making Ma Baba report to the police would add to their hassles but a complaint should be registered somehow. for the time being I am feeling very proud of the MIL she is a pettite lady but she surely has guts! Baba is known to be absent minded, once in the days when he used to drive his scooter he actually sped off without checking whether Ma had taken her seat behind him and poor Ma was left standing on the steps! Baba did not even notice that Ma was catching a thief! Ah well, all's well that ends well for now folks.


2 B's mommy said...

OMG ! That was scary, but a very brave thing to do too. YOu are right, we can't really do much...sad isn't it.

~nm said...

That is scary! And Malviya nagar is such a busy market.

I'm from Delhi. SO hopefully we can meet up whenever you drop in here at Delhi. :)

diya said...

2b's mommy, good to see you back on my blog again. I thot you had taken offense when I said I'd like to throttle Tim, gentle soul that you are!
You must be having that feeling of being too far to be of use to your loved ones at home and you really are far! I am having having a feeling of helplessness too now specially having stayed with my in-laws for ten years.

-nm, I will be in Delhi for 5days during the Dussehra holidays- short time but not too short if we have the same haunts! We love frequenting PVR Anupam complex and Delhi haat and sarojini nagar market. I am also going to check out the new malls at Saket, we will also go visiting durga puja pandals in CR Park for sure.