Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Black Finger!

The other day my aloe vera plant had a near death experience when the pot containing a cactus, which I had strung to the railing above it fell. The poor aloe vera lost nearly all its leaves which I put in a packet and am storing in the fridge till I figure out how I will use them. A few months after arriving in Bangalore, a friend's neighbour told me that it is rather easy to have plants here because the weather is very good and they hardly need any special care. In spite of this I have managed to kill three tulsi plants, one flowering plant and two decorative plants! This record surely makes me the holder of a black finger (the opposte of a green fingered person). Anyhow, I continue to maintain my modest balcony garden and have also managed to get a few compliments too!


~nm said...

don't worry. I will give you company in being called one with a "Black Finger" :)

diya said...

You make me feel better, I was thinking someone will give me tips on gardening but I need a fellow sufferer to tide me over these difficult times. Thanks.We must meet!even more so now that I will have a person who can 'empathize' with me.