Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Ahoy!

Well, we have got very much into the Christmas mode with the acquisition of two Christmas trees (the brat wanted a separate small tree in her room, if you please! and she got it too, so you know who's been spoiling her the most for all these years). Then there were decorations all around and now we have a nice tree in the drawing room and a cute one in one of the bedrooms. There is a lot of singing of 'jingle bell' and 'santa claus is coming to town' and 'joy to the world'etc at the top of our lungs. We have also taken out our 'santa' hats as there is a nip in the air in Bangalore town at last. The shops are decorated and there are lots of colourful Santa pictures in the papers! Suddenly the colour red (my favourite colour) is splashed all over the place and inspite of myself, inspite of everything I am happy- I feel hope. Essentially festivals are meant to give rise to precisely this feeling. A feeling that no matter what happens there is hope and there is still love in this world inspite of all the hate going around.
Merry Christmas Folks!


~nm said...

We also have put a little one on Betu's special request. The picture is up on my blog :)

diya said...

I'm going to see it right away. By the way missed you...and sorry, was in Delhi but it was such a hurried trip could not visit any of my favourite spots..and some of my favourite people. Will be more organized next time!