Sunday, December 7, 2008

However, Life Must go on.....

Yesterday we attended our first wedding ceremony in Bangalore. Actually the Mr had attended one alone when the brat's exams were on, but this is the first time that we went for such an occassion together! I loved to see us all decked up and ready, including the mite, who kept on saying "lets go to the wedding". It was a huge affair, our landlady's brother's daughter was getting married and it was the reception yesterday. The marriage is today. In the north the marriage precedes the reception so that was something unique for us! Then there was the meal servered on the banana leaf, and so many items on the menu of that simple feast that you do not know what to eat first! There must have been atleast a thousand people in the hall but all were waiting patiently in line to meet the would be bride and groom. I took some pictures with my new digital camera which the Mr has given to me as a birthday gift. I wore a sari after a long time.
Needless to say, I am completely dependent on the Mr to get the photos from the camera into the computer so You guys will have to wait to see them!

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