Friday, December 12, 2008

Peace not Revenge!

That was one of the slogans displayed in Mumbai where thousands of people showed solidarity by forming a long human chain. Well in this case peace is the greatest revenge. What do these terrorists, or rather their masters, want? They want death destruction and the end of economic growth. So if we start a war it would be playing into these fellows' hands. No Sir, the people of Mumbai will not let that happen and they have a thing or two to teach characters like Raj Thackeray-- there is unity among the people, something morons like he and his goons cannot break! Well done Mumbai!
The Prime Minister apologised to the nation for the attack. Sir, we cannot accept your apology until we see our police armed with state of the art guns, fitand ready. We cannot accept until we see some change happening before our eyes! this is not the time to say but to do. Every important public building should have a monitoring room which has the birds eye view of the entrance with a sharp shooter positioned in it who can deal with any gun toting visitor. For example the VT announcement cubicle provided a good vantage point for the railway announcers who did their job by asking people to leave the station from the exit that was away from the terrorists. The announcers could see the chaps from their cubicle and did the best they could under the circumstances, but what if they had had a sharp shooter with them? That would have meant the end of the terrorist wouldn't it?

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