Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alone Again...

Well, Ma and baba went back home last week, it is back to the grind with 2 kids going to school and a disorderly house for me. It was wonderful to have them stay with us for these 1 and a half month or so. Ma and specially baba had to make a lot of adjustments for the sake of their grandchildren. Our Calcutta home is large and this place small with all of us hanging about all the time! The children too made concessions for Dadan and Didan, not venturing near the bathroom when Dadan is taking his bath, opening Dadan's shoes for him, pouring him a glass of water, helping Didan to carry stuffetc.
As for me, I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that i would be able to cook a meal that my parents can relish. I had rarely ventured into the kitchen before my marriage and had never cooked a meal. I used to make scrambled eggs for breakfast and the occassional cake and nothing more.Now, when baba says "bhalo hoyechhe" (the dish is good) to any of my preparations, I feel a strange elation, when ma says "tor hater ranna ta bhalo" (you cook well), it feels really great. In the afternoons when all the rooms in my house are occupied by my kids and parents, sleeping contently after lunch I experience a feeling of fulfilment...I must be completely domesticated, but that is how it is! I was very happy to give my ma some free time when she could read books or watch TV without having to worry about serving dinner or lunch! However the mite got into the habit of plucking her specs from her nose and throwing it aside so that she left the book she was reading and played with him!
Now that they are not here I have to answer innumerable questions like- "Dadan ki baire boshe achhe?" (is dadan sitting outside in the balcony), I have to explain that dadan is sitting in his own balcony in Calcutta. "dadan didan bangalore e kobe aashbe?" (when will dadan didan come to Bangalore) etc etc.
Miss you Ma Baba.

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