Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye MJ....

In the 1980s we stared at our black and white TV late at night and saw a thin black man win 6 or 7 Grammy Awards. At one point he said "...and this is for the girls at the back..", and removed his dark glasses and there was an ear splitting scream from the audience! He wore a lot of makeup and his eyes were big and expressive...we were duely impressed. We did not understand a word of what he sang but his attitude and dance steps and racey beats of his songs moved us. Then, a few years later with the coming of the coloured TV and VCR we watched his moves again and again. We knew the thriller video story by heart. MJ's stature grew before our eyes as did his fortunes- his ranch, his personal zoo, showcased in the video of one of his songs etc. Then came the controversies and the rapid decline in fortunes and creative output. It is painful to see an ikon being reduced to an object of pity and ridicule. Why is it that some people cannot handle success and fame? What goes on in their minds? Why do they destroy themselves in this manner. I guess we will never know!All I can say is rest in peace MJ where ever you may be, the world will always remember your amazing moves and soul stirring music.

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