Thursday, June 11, 2009

Raining Rainbows in Mysore!

Went off on a 2day trip to Mysore with Ma and Baba and the kids, thereafter got so involved with my virtual farm at the Farm Town in Facebook that this space got a little neglected! Then comes the gentle prodding of who else but my trusted friend 2b'smommy and I get out of my lethargic stupor to recount the adventures of the weekend. Well, we set off in the morning, on Sunday, in a taxi which we had booked for two days. It takes 3hours to get to Mysore. The bookings had been done by the Mr at the Mayura Yatri Niwas which is a Karnataka govt establishment.There is something unique about the countryside in the South- it is highly urbanised. Ma observed that the moment one gets out of Calcutta one finds nothing but rice fields stretching far into the horizon, not so here. There are fields, but the highway is dotted with shops and hotels and Cafe Coffee Day and McDonald's outlets every 30 kms!The moment one gets out of Bangalore on the Bangalore-Mysore road, one hits upon the town of Ramanagaram which is the place where the film Sholay was shot. This place is rocky and rugged and one can easily visualise Gabbar walking amongst the hills!This place is a rock climbers' paradise and is scarcely 50km from Bangalore city. Right after that comes the town of Chennapatna famous for its wooden toys, there are several 'Toy Emporiums' on the highway itself. Thereafter we come upon Mandya a sugarcane hub and finally Srirangapatna and Mysore.
Mysore is a very laid back city, even the cars seem to loll on its streets and the people's movements are slow and leisurely! We breezed straight into our hotel and had a quick lunch and a short rest before setting off to explore. First stop- St Philomena's church, which is my favourite- it has the highest steeples in Asia! Then we went to the palace, only to find that the whole of South India had converged upon its ticket counter! We had chosen to come to Mysore on a Sunday because the palace is lighted up in the weekend and presents a lovely sight, however Sunday is not a good day for going inside the palace. We beat a hasty retreat and set off for the Vrindavan Gardens which is 19km away. These gardens are built along a dam on the river Cauvery and presents a beautiful landscape. It also has a light show in the evenings at its fountains. We stayed for some time and had tea/coffee before it started to rain. It was raining off and on that evening. we had seen a beautiful rainbow just outside the palace. There were many enterprising chaps selling umbrellas and plastic caps at the gardens. Our driver Ramesh lent us his umbrella and I bought another one from the garden, however it became clear that we will not be able to wait for the lighting of the fountains. The kids played around the fountains for sometime before we headed back for Mysore. We saw 2 more rainbows, one at the gardens and another on our way back. By the time we reached Mysore it was dark and the Mysore Palace was all lit up and sparkling. There was no more rain then, thank God, otherwise the lights would have been switched off. The driver, Ramesh said that even he was seeing these lights for the first time, although he had brought tourists here several times, he generally goes to vrindavan gardens at about that time and thus had missed this sight. We stopped the car and took in the sight of the grand palace shining like gold.
The next morning we were at the Chamundi hills by 9:30 am. There was no entry fee on that day, this is another place that should be avoided on Sundays because of the milling crowds and the entry fees. We visited the goddess in peace and quiet and felt really good. I had come here with my parents in law on a Sunday and we could not enter the temple because of the long queue! On the way down we got a bird's eye view of Mysore city and a good close view of the huge Nandi statue on the hill, I had missed this on our last visit as well! When we reached the palace after that we found it to be nearly deserted compared to the commotion that we had witnessed on the previous day. Baba, the mite and I sat outside while Ma and the Brat Girl took the tour of the inside of the palace. You have to remove your shoes while entering the palace building and Baba cannot walk without his shoes.
We checked out of our hotel, next and after having a hearty meal at Kamat Restaurant we set off for Srirangapatna. We went to the Sangam first after a brief round of Tipu's fort. Baba rested on a chair at a river side shack while we went to dip our feet in the water. When we reached back Baba had calmly dozed off in the river breeze! Ma wanted to know the names of the two rivers that met the cauvery in the sangam. Ramesh asked one of the shopkeepers selling knick knacks at the river side, "gotilla" (don't know") comes the answer! Here is a man busy earning his living, of what use to him is such knowledge!?! We got the answer from the toll guys at the govt toll collection shack!
Then to Tipu's tomb, an extremely peaceful place, Ma and Baba spent some time sitting under a tree there. The mite refused to get out of the car and baba asked me to go and sit next to the chap! The last stop was Dariya Daulat Bagh, Tipu's palace...which looks like a hovel when compared to the Mysore palace of the Wodeyars but houses some exquisite wall frecos and some remarkable line drawings by a British gentleman called Thomas Hickey! No photos are allowed inside both the Mysore Palace and the Dariya Daulat Bagh. After this survey of Srirangapatna we set off back home through Mandya, then Chennapatna, where we stopped for tea/coffee at Cafe Coffee day and finally Ramanagaram till we reached good ol' Bangalore happy to have spent a wonderful two days at a place so full of history and natural beauty. Pictures turning in now folks!! I dedicate this post to my friend 2b's mommy. I will read all the others' posts tomorrow...yaawwwnnn... goodnight!


2 B's mommy said...

Awww Diya, thats so sweet of you !

Every time you write about your travel, I make a mental note to visit that place on my next trip. That sounds like a fab weekend. Can't wait to see the pics - hope you have one of the palace all lit up at night.

Guess next time I will HAVE to visit B'lore !

diya said...

Please do while I am still living here, you will be a welcome guest in my house! Yep, palace pics are there, coming up in a moment!

2 B's mommy said...

I wont be alone though - the whole family ok with you ??

BTW, Do you guys have a transferable job ?

diya said...

My husband is with the Bangalore Metro, he is with a public sector undertaking with the railways. In my happiness I said you will live with me, but ours is a hovel compared to your house and you will never be comfortable here. We live in a small flat which has only one toilet!! This house is close to the Mr's office so we have chosen this. We could have rented a bigger flat farther away from the center of the town, as most of his colleagues have done, but I told him to remain close to the office so that he can come home early.You people will never be able to adjust here. But if you ever come we can arrange for your stay and sightseeing and in any other way that you may need. I do so want to meet you my friend, and your kids. You did come to Hyderabad, you have family there don't you?
From Bangalore you can go to Mysore and return in a day or two.Then there is Madikeri in coorg...oh a numer of places. Within Bangalore too there are plenty of places to visit. You just say what you want and we can plan everything for you.Within bangalore we can go out together and I can cook for you! That would be wonderful!

2 B's mommy said...

hehehe don't worry, one of my uncles ( dad's brother) lives in Bangalore with his whole family. I have been to Banglore twice, first time visited a friend before my uncle moved there from Hyderabad (after his son got a job there). Next visit was after that when my cousin got married. I MAY stay with them if they really take an offence to my staying in a hotel as opposed to their home - personally I prefer to stay in a hotel to avoid inconveniencing anyone. But sometimes people take it in a wrong way, they think that you are trying to show that you are too good for their place *sigh*

Just for the record though, as long as I like the company, I don't really mind if its a small place or a big one !

You are right, we had a 'home' in Hyderabad, most of my extended family lives there too. But, since mum and dad split-up, I don't really know if I will visit Hyderabad just to see my relatives. I will visit Hyd for a day or two, mostly to meet my friends and may be say 'hi' to the relatives if they would still like to see us ( my mum had filled their ears with so much stuff against us that they think that I have turned into a heartless monster :-(

Anyway, we have already decided that next time we visit India, it will be to show my kids some historical places and offcourse, to meet my dad and my sister ( they live in MP) and my friends( who are scattered all over). If I can fit in some time for the relatives who may or may not be happy to see me, I might visit them too then :D

So a tour around India is high on agenda ! Lets hope we are able to do all of it within 3 weeks. I would love to fit in a trip to B'lore and meet you and your lovely family !! Insha Allah !!

diya said...

I would love that very much my friend!! I can go to any lengths to make you comfortable you make a prog and I will try my utmost to make your trip work!!