Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Viral Invasion and Momma Irritability

There viral fever is an unwelcome guest at our house now and I am the fittest around here and the mite the hardest hit! Today I snapped at the mite for talking continuously and following me around the house while I was sweeping the place( Rajamma is also down with severe cough and cold and missing for the last three days), the mite pulled a face and went out on to the balcony and stood there gazing at me with fever enlarged eyes. Obviously, the shrew had a change of heart and decided to bring the little fellow in. The problem with the mite is that he refuses to have alopathic medicine, not even crocin syrup, so homeopathy it is and that is taking time. The brat can swallow medicines now so she is recovering but my heart goes out to the little fellow who cannot understand why he is not going to school or for our daily walks in the morning!

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Alapana said...

He will be fine very soon, you take good care of yourself:)