Monday, July 13, 2009

Ode to a free spirit!

Visited Nritya grama on Sunday and felt the presence of one of my favourite women of India- Protima Bedi! This is a woman who had guts, from baring all at Juhu beach, to excelling in dance to organizing her own husband's second marriage, to planning this beautiful Gurukul to dying among the lofty mountain peaks, hers is a fantastic life...completely liberated and honest! I just adore her...!Nrityagrama, her brainchild is a residential gurukul of dance located in Hesarghatta near Bangalore. It took us about an hour and a half to reach there in a taxi. The dance practice was over for the day but we had ample time to take in the ambience of the place, explore the various practice halls and wander in the sprawling acres which had fruit trees and vegetables growing all over!
Thereafter we went to the hesarghatta lake built by another favourite person of mine, good ol' Tipu Sultan. The lake has dried up completely and cattle were grazing in its bed. No one could say since when this has been for our travel book displayed a picture of a lake filled to the brim! A small muddy pool could be seen in the distance where buffalloes were taking their afternoon bath! No one seemed to care either. We visited the lake goddesses temple and came away with a silent prayer to her...please fill the lake up again!

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