Saturday, July 4, 2009

At Last All 'Religious' Leaders are United as one!

All the so-called religious heads find themselves clasped tightly in each other's embrace against the issue of legalization of gay relationships. Actually the law does not speak about gays at all, it merely prohibit 'un-natural' sexual behaviour, and certain perversity. Now, the question is whether homosexuality is 'un-natural' and therefore against God. Do we always do what is natural? is there no space for human feelings? If we left all to the laws of nature then we would be breeding like animals! Isn't there some difference in what a human feels and experiences? The institution of marriage, family relations, our love for our children from their birth till our death, are these 'natural'? They are the result of the human experience and human thoughts and feelings. If an individual feels love towards another and finds themselves eager to share their lives together then what does these old fuddy duddies have to say about it? If they were spreading hatred or destruction or harming anyone then we would have to intervene. Wait a minute, what is so natural about religion itself? Is religion natural, is it not created as a result of the human experience and feelings? Is it not born of an enquiry of the human mind desiring to fathom the mystery of their existence? Does not all religion emphasize the brotherhood of man and love for the fellow being (no pun intended). However, religion has now come to endorse the most bitter kind of hatred, the most rigid intolerance the senseless violence against the fellow human- that, I suppose, is natural representing the tsunami or earthquake!
Meanwhile, thank God no one is bothered about the grumblings of the 'grumpy goblins' and the people are celebrating in 'gay' abandon! Jai ho!


Koko said...

It does make sense to accept legally what is inevitable and clearly a reflection of the changing times. Gay people exist in plenty in our society (wonder why we never heard of them 15-20 years back, maybe they were all in the closet.) What is"Natural" is totally subjective and also depends on the times and place we live in. Gay Bars are totally natural and acceptable in the States but its hard to imagine one in our own Neighbourhood.Also it would hurt our conservative sensibilities if we see gay men show signs of affection by smooching or holding hands in public. Also is being "homosexual" a genetic predisposition or an aberation of the mind which can be treated? (Baba Ramdeo believes it can be).
Also I dont subscribe to the idea that people should have the freedom to choose and do anything they want to as long as it doesnt hurt someone else. A bit of moral policing is really not bad. lets not pretend that we all are mature adults who know exactly whats good for us. Legalising prostitution doesnt make it right,does it? And what about the pornographic sites and mags and channels and sex phone calls? They all dont hurt a fly (neither spread hatred) and give us the option to make personal choices.

Rohit said...

We are blind followers of the Western Culture; this time also we are proving this correct. Homosexuality is more fashion nowadays than mere abnormality or orientation problem. Homosexuality is not a Civil rights in any sense. It’s a psychological problem in most cases and should be treated accordingly.

diya said...

Koko, Rohit, in all this tirade about what is socially unacceptable and what is moral and the ringmarole of conservatism one thing is completely and entirely lost...the discrimination and oppression of whom we concieve as the 'other'. This is what the doctrine of human rights teaches us please accept, please tolerate, please understand! Homosexuality is not merely sex it is a relationship between two humans. Now there may be catholic preists who, in absence of women assault young boys under their fold, that is still criminal because it is an act of oppression. if adult human beings find themselves to be attracted to their own sex and are ridiculed, forced to marry the opposite sex (making both their lives miserable), or in any manner deprived of their basic human rights of non-discrimination then it is oppression practiced by us! There should be a law against this oppression. What right does the Baba have to declare this as an ailment. Has he ever declared that committing rape is the work of a psychological disease? (which it is), has he been outspoken about young brides being burnt for dowry money? I am offended by eve teasers, drunk men lying on footpaths (which is a common sight in Bangalore), and moral policing in the name of preservation of, are my peeves not legitimate? I am not offended by people showing affection in public places there is enough show of hatred and prejudice, I think and too little show of love. Then who is to decide whence society must go? It is the pull and push between our opinions that will decide! I believe I am Indian and I also represent Indian culture and there is only one thing that is constant about culture and that is CHANGE, as I have said many many times before change and exchange of culture has existed since the beginning of time in human culture and you cannot insulate our culture from outside influence, try as you may, neither can you stop outsiders from exploring and interpreting our culture, THAT is against human nature.