Sunday, August 19, 2007

Aha, One Comment

I knew there would be some response to my posts the moment my babies appear on it, even if it was of exasperation from my dear dd. I am sorry I still do not know how to correct the distortions. I think you have to open the file in paint and crop it or some such gibberish which the dear husband was mumbling. For the time being I have tried to ease the problem by changing the photo and adding another photo one of the first ones taken of my two darlings together as soon as we brought the mite home therefore he resembles a little mouse. Today I was reading Preeti's post ( I have vowed to read all the blogs that are there in the list on Madmomma's page, I have reached till the letter P now only the last ten or so are left) she is lamenting that slowly but surely her blog is turning into a regular momma blog. I have also tried , like her, not to limit my writing to the topic of my kids. I do think about other things, but the momma and poppa blogs are awesome. I like adventure dad, he is really good and madmomma is my favourite she is prolific, humorous, informative, enjoyable and her baby photos are the BEST. Well I am trying to get my babies more prominently in my blog so people please say something if you come by ok?

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