Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pictures All Over the Place!

Since I learnt the fine art of inserting pictures in my blog I have been pasting them all over the place. I still have not figured out how to make them scroll down with the text so they take up fixed positions and my posts start from a little way down the page. The husband is in Bangalore still and I am already fed up with this enforced separation!My daughter wants me to write in detail about all the pictures I have put up. There is one with her holding her 'Best Artist' award which she had received when she was in KG. My family is very egalitarian when it comes to giving of Rakhis everyone receives one! So there is one of hers holding up her haul from last year.

It is that time of the year when the Bengali sniffs the air and thinks to himself or herself 'aah the smell of the pujas'. I have started to look for the shiuli flowers on the ground under the shiuli trees in my neighbourhood. Mother Durga please bring us happiness and give us strength to bear the sorrows you give us.

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