Thursday, August 2, 2007

Of Heroes Behind Bars and on the Field and Court

Sanjay Dutt went off to serve his prison term declaring his love for the country. "I love India" he declared while going off in those prison vans with media persons asking him to repeat his profession of patriotism again and again. So what is he a hero or a villain? The majority think that the law is being harsh on the poor dude who has been dished out a raw deal by life itself. I feel a tug of conflicting reactions. on the one hand I feel that a spoilt brat has been punished for his callousness act.He did an irresponsible thing by allowing himself to be associated with the underworld, given the respected position of his father. He was not a teenager at that point. On the other hand I hold that he did whatever he did because of stupidity and shortsightedness rather than malice or murderous intentions. Also why should the producers who have put their money on him make huge losses because of his asinine behaviour 14 years back. Well, let law take its course I say. Let him get a pardon if he can. One cannot help but say a prayer for the poor old spoilt chap.
But I am not saying prayers for our old horses at the cricket field. Even though India had a convincing win, it was because of the young gun bowlers.Let the senior guys move out I still say and the daredevil newbies flow in.
However my heart still beats for our no-longer-a- teen tennis star precisely because I can't see anyone steping into her shoes any time soon. Her grit and dedication has inspired many I am proud of her and my country that has produced such sportsperson.

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