Monday, August 20, 2007

Jealous Husbands, Missed Nonetheless

One of the hundred or so blogs that I visited in the last few days mentions that the husband calls the momma's blogging fraternity a 'kitty-party', my husband also displays similar irritable reactions when I tell him something about the blogs I have been reading. It is plain jealousy I tell you. It irritates the boys to see that we have found a space for ourselves independent of him and his children where we can vent our feelings about him and his children and his parents along with our own. Didi you are right, it is a great way to unwind. Tell me who else but us blogging mommas would be interested in my stretch marks or lack of them and carry on a long conversation on them. The husband hates to discuss them and I'm sure the mother in law or my children wil be horryfied to learn of my sagging tummy or the warped up belly button. It is only here in the semi-anonymous world of blogging that one can fearlessly discuss any gory topic and if the visitors are put off by it they can move on. Till lately I used to be deeply offended if the husband went off by himself to one of his favourite haunts around the town to unwind by himself. I know full well that I cannot go everywhere with him leaving my babies behind, I used to resent his freedom of movement. I got terribly angry one time when he called from a cinema hall during the interval of a movie which he had gone off to watch by himself. I was in the middle of trying to feed the younger one while making the elder one study for a test the next day. The conversation went as follows-
Husband (cheerfully)- Hi, what's up? This movie is good, it is interval time now.
Me- huh huh...( to daughter" write the word three times, NOW!!!" all the while trying to put a spoonful into the mouth of the toddler)
Husband- You seem to be busy.
Me- (screaming wildly) you bet I am, and if you have nothing else to say I am keeping the phone.
Husband-(taking offence) ok bye, I will be back by ten.
Me-(still screaming) I don't care when you will be back!
And I am not sorry for my behavior, I am breaking my back looking after HIS kids and not only does he push off by himself but also has the audacity to rub salt and provide a blow by blow account of the evening while I am at the height of the battle with the little hooligans! The guy had asked for it! But now I also have some place to unwind which is a click away and the reach of the thing is amazing from Delhi to Mumbai to Bangalore to New York to Australia, the world is at my finger tips and all are interested in my babies and our day to day strife to raise them. This is exciting stuff beyond my wildest dreams.
Well the subject of my tirade is off to Bangalore on official tour and look at the peculiarity of this relationship here I was getting ready to skin him with a blunt knife and here I am missing the bloke. Let him be a confused little day dreamer but he is my own confused little you know what. He is gone for a week and I don't know how I will get by without him around. Of course there is the phone. All our telephonic conservations end in fights so that is a relief. We can make up when he comes back. Making up is fun I never say sorry however obnoxious I may have been, he apologises very easily for he never means it, he might do the same objectionable thing the very next day! But he makes up very nicely with cards ( one such card said 'let's talk about why we are not talking') and music ( he might play meaningful songs) the works. There is a lot of high drama in our marriage and I like it.