Thursday, October 4, 2007

Birthdays Galore

This is the time of the year that my brother and I and two of my cousins and a brother in law have their birthdays. My borther and I are both Scorpio. My grandmother did not know her birthday except that she said she was born in the month of Kartik according to the Bengali calender which is roughly October-November and seeing her stubborn and very scorpio personality I am sure she was one. Thus I have lived my young and immpressionable years with three out of five people in the house being very scorpio and my poor mother had to suffer all three of us and was none the better for it. I had decided that I definitely do not want scorpio children. I ofcourse have to fight a raging battle with my strong willed sagittarius baby but I can see myself winning in my overpowering scorpio ways. My husband is Piscean and most of the time has to eat his words for one small slip that he might have made! My little one is aquarius and is suitably under my spell so I have managed to be one up with my family in the power game!
Yesterday I met an old neighbourhood acquaintance, a mom who now has two kids like me. she said she was actually trying for a scorpio baby and her elder one is November born. The reason she cites was that all the scorpios in her family circle are well settled and successful in life. She had no idea that she knows me, another scorpio, a jobless mother of two getting by with the pocket money provided by the husband, having no career inspite of being 36 years of age. Not at all successful by today's standards.
As I stare 37 in the face what do I have to show for myself, two children and a submitted PhD awaiting the viva examination, ah well, one cannot have everything, at one point I was not sure that I would get into MA class, now I have a MA, BEd, MPhil, and an about to be PhD quite something I guess but no use until I get a job.Till that day I can vent myself in this blog and count my blessings and overlook the hurdles.
If I had my way I would like to lead a life like Annie's ( she is where its at, visiting the remotest village writing about real people, travelling throughout the country. All I can do is feel sorry for a starving child, an exploited woman, people killed in a stampede, etc she can actually go there reach out to the people and face the truth, looking it in the eye. I envy her courage and her opportunities at the same time I pray fervently for her well being, she is living my dream.

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