Monday, October 1, 2007

Blogworld's Pros and the World of Would bes

DaShiv is famous in the Blogworld so much so that the moment he lands up in New York there are parties galore and lots of blogging friends to meet and make much of him. The significant part is that he does not have a blog of his own! He gets by by posting comments and beautiful photos on other people's blogs!!!He is a pro at commenting on blogs and I am the shakey novice trying to get people to read my blog and vote for something that irritates me no end and hoping for moral support from others and failing miserably. Today I will go on a vote appeal in the blog world and see whether people respond.
I read in the papers today that there is a blogger who has got tremendous support from others who think in the same manner when she wrote about her objection to the use of unnecessary quotation marks!
Aah well some people have exemplary communication skills and technical skills, to reach out to people and trmendous luck too to find others who think just as you do, I am sadly lacking in all these areas. Lets see what kind of response I can get by reaching out to the blogs I visit.The world of would bes is a bleak one for now but we still plod on.


the mad momma said...

LOL! well i just voted saying that i dont care how either looks!

diya said...

Thanks MM, I was at your blog just now, where has the swing snap disappeared? I wanted to show it to my children.

2B's mommy said...

Just voted ! came here via madmomma's blog and enjoyed going through some of your posts :-)