Monday, October 8, 2007

The Little Mite's Path to Progress...and Some Problems that still remain

The baby has started speaking in sentences proving the long standing belief wrong that boys talk later than girls. " Dadubal, boon kotaigelo, boloto?" (grandpa can you tell me where the ball went?) asks he scarcely able to accommodate so many words in that little mouth of his. " Thamma, o thamma, auto kole balata jaa" (grandma, lets go out in an auto) says he, reducing the MIL into putty in his tiny hands. that " Didda opore dekh pakhhi" (Didi look up there its a bird), says he pointing up at the ledge of our neighbour's house where is pigeon is sitting, which makes my daughter rush to me and report this remarkable feat.
My daughter at this age used to entertain the presswali sitting below our balcony and an assorted number of her friends with songs that her grandmomhad taught her. This little one is not so social but that does not mean that he cannot communicate with his family.
Both the brother and sister, however dislayed one strange similarity, they can sleep while breast feeding and they enjoy doing so, so much so that they will get up every half hour to enjoy their addiction to the great discomfiture of their mother. Please all mothers who chance to visit this site can you give me a suggestion will help me wean my child without making him cry? I weaned my daughter with the help of an uncle of mine who is a pro in such matters. The child was 2 and a half at that time and I told her that the source of her addiction had turned sour due to frequent use, then I smeared it with a very potent liver tonic. When she tried to test whether I was telling the truth she got such a bad taste in her mouth that she never tried it again. Now the little one is not old enough to buy this cause and effect theory, so I need a different strategy, otherwise I will have to carry on this way till he is 2 and a half!


2 B's mommy said...

chuweet ! Thats the thing when there's some gap between first and second one. mine is 4 yrs older than the second and would so proudly and excitedly come and tell me the achievements of the little one when he saw one !!

can't really give any suggestions for the weaning thing. First time, my body was struggling to make enough milk for even a week old baby, so he was formula fed from very early and the second one, didnt even blink an eye when I stopped breastfeeing her at six months (but she was partially on formula too).

diya said...

Thanks, actually both my children rejected the bottle. They will have water in a feeding bottle and not milk or juice. God only knows why I am stuck with these chipku babies, all the babies I know of switched to the bottle quite easily!