Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Few Glorious Hours With Ray's Apu!

The in-laws and I are on a major movie watching spree. The Mr has bought several of the Satyajit Ray classics on DVD and he encouraged us to see them. We watched 'Parah Pathor' after years, Baba said he is seeing it after 20years! It was wonderful! Then we embarked upon the Apu trilogy. 'Pather Pachali' is the all time classic with everyone from the kid who plays little Durga to the Pishima who looks about a 100 have put in sterling performances. I believe the book upon which the film is based has about a hundred characters. Ray has carefully selected the characters whom he wanted to give life- and what life he has breathed! Each expression of Durga and Apu's mother, pishima, the cruel jethima- the expressions of each child even if the camera focuses on him/her for a second is perfect. The little moments of hope amidst the misery- when Apu's father is speaking of the future to his mother, the children's games and their free jaunts into the countryside. The films speak of Apu's growth as a human being from the time of his birth to the time when he becomes mature enough to take the responsibility of his son. I can write reams and reams on the three films but still you can get the real feeling when you see them. I think it will hold a special feeling for Bengalis because of their background, I don't know, I would like to hear what a non-bengali person who has seen it thinks. Is any such person reading this post? Hello....?
We also watched 'Slumdog Millionaire' last night- its theme is also hope amidst abject poverty and destitution but its appeal is urban, something that city dwellers all over the world can identify with. It is fast paced and predictable- and gives a thrill. I am comparing Ray's film and SM because I saw them almost one after the other- so people who worship Ray please do not read anything into this!
Then the Brat, MIL and I watched 'Rab ne Banadi Jodi' the Mr thinks he is above such hogwash, and Baba has developed an allergy to SRK which a contagious infection from his friend and my ex-boss who has been talking about his affliction to Baba for years! Anyhow I liked the film and Ma was also happy to see whatever her grandchildren allowed her to see. It was good timepass.

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