Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to one and all!

May 2009 bring peace and love may we find an answer to all the arguments in favour of hatred and may we preserve this planet in its beauty and purity for those who will come after us. Since the new year comes so close after Christmas, it can never stand for anything else than love and hope and brotherhood. It seems that a British television channel invited the Iranian President to deliver an 'alternative' Christmas Day message sending the entire British political fraternity into a tizzy! Finally nothing untoward happened and the President delivered a non-controversial message saying that if Christ were here today he would be in favour of justice and love for humanity and opposed to "warmongers, occupiers,terrorists and bullies the world over". Television channels have been accused of going to great lenths to increase their viewership including such highly politically incorrect things. However this time I thought they have been successful in showing the world that there can be dialogue between two kinds of opinions if each side wants the same and that even an Islamic leader who symbolizes a force against the Christian world understands the basic tenets of Christianity and has nothing against them. Does the Christian world know what Islam in essence stands for? I doubt whether any of the leaders of the Christian world can answer that correctly. Ideas can only be exchanged if there is a dialogue between the two different parties, and one dialogue begins it will be found that we all want to live in peace in this planet of ours and make it safe and beautiful for our children everything else is redundant 'superstructure'.
We enjoyed a quiet new year at a restaurant the buffet dinner was delicious and the children were entertained by a magician and a tatto artist. We came back at 11 and spent the last hour of 2008 watching the various celebrations on TV. Today I took the kids to watch 'Jumbo' it was good fun! The new year pics are not loaded in computer so I leave you with some Christmas pics. The brats personal tree looks exactly like nm's Betu's tree, doesn't it nm? And please say how you liked the Humpi pics dear nm, I put them up in a hurry specially because you asked for them, otherwise I would be still procrastinating!


2 B's mommy said...

HAppy NEw YEar to you too Dr Diya !! COngratulations !!

Thank you for your comments and checking on me again - meant a lot.

Love and wishes to mite and the brat.

2Bs Mommy

diya said...

It is a relief to see you back! I am going to your page to tell you that!