Monday, January 12, 2009

Thamma Dadubhai Comes to Town!

The kids are going about with a ear to ear grin permanently fixed on their faces as their grandparents have arrived from Delhi, and its almost like having Santa Claus coming to stay,specially for the brat for she is perpetually saying.."..and I also want a scooty and a Barbie and lots of ballons etc etc etc". Scarcely are these words out of her mouth than Thamma (grandma) says " ekhani scooty-tutty kothai paoa jai, aami poisha diye jabo tomra kine dio" (where do you get scooties here, I'll leave money with you and you can buy it for her). I won't be surprised if the Brat hands her a list of things that she would like to have soon! The mite, oblivious to the fact that Dadubhai-Thamma are actually Santa in disguise, only wants to play- all the time! The grandparents endure all kinds of torture in his hands- he likes to comb thamma's hair- I can't bear to see this as he makes an impossible mess of it and the poor lady calmly bears the brunt! He climbs up and down grandpa and uses his feet as a see saw!

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~nm said...

Lol! But this bond between grandparents and grandchildren is just beyond me. :D