Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bye bye 'Rama' Sena!

It appears that the nature of the protests in Bangalore has lead to the suspension of all Sene anti-VDay activities in the city. However the chaps have threatened to carry on in the other parts of the state. Funnily, this chap Muthalik is issuing threat upon threat to women and endangering their lives and doing so quite openly, but as Usha says, he still remains free along with his goons who had only some days ago attacked women and meddled with their fundamental right of freedom. In the name of religion and culture these people are freely issuing threats to women- who has given them the right to meddle with women's personal lives? The truth is that we have not granted women her basic human rights yet she leads a live of constant supervision and scrutiny. That's why these people can get away with it, for the people think that what they are saying is not entirely wrong. To combat these men we have to effect a change in our social fabric where what the woman wants and what women think are taken into consideration- she must be allowed to decide for herself- not just about whom she is going to speak to, but about everything that may concern her life in any manner. This right has been usurped and unless she gets this right one half of the people of India will still be enslaved.
There is a need to diseminate pepper spray in the suburbs dears and the various anti sene organizations that have been formed listening?


Usha said...

Exactly my point. let us see what new stunts he pulls tomorrow with the benign blessings of the police and the party in power.
And how did I miss so many posts. Will come back a little later and catch up on all the action that I missed. :)

diya said...

I missed you too. I am 'following' you so I get updated as soon as you write!