Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Season to one and all

Clearly love is in the air.... from the first week of February there has been a wedding at the marriage hall in front of our house almost everyday! Even today the decorators have come in and they have made a beautiful facade with golden cloth lengths and ofcourse flowers- lots of flowers. After the wedding most of the flowers go to waste so my landlord's son has managed to arrange with the cleaners who keep some of the reusable flowers for him! And I have arranged with him to give some of it to us! So our houses are full of the marriage flowers after the show is over. Last time we got some beautiful orchids and lilies. Lets see what is in store for us from today's do!

On Valentine's day I went to Lal Bagh and got some flowering plants for my garden and a tulsi too let's see how long this one survives! In the evening we went on the round of the malls. I bought two cards for the Mr and gave him a bamboo shoot for his office table. He gave me a DVD of love songs from hindi films. The Sunday was a continuation of the laidbackness. We lolled all morning and at night we enjoyed the old Hindi songs. Life is good.

The Sene has made Valentine's day more special, I cannot remember what I did last Valentine's Day but this time I was determined to enjoy it! It has unleashed a healthy debate and it has been made clear to the self appointed guardians of our "culture" that this country values its freedom. That freedom includes the right to define what culture means and further develop it in the way that we feel is correct.


2Bs mommy said...

Hey Diya ! nice pics of your plants and I thought you said that all you have is mostly empty pots!

Your valentine's day celebration sounds lovely...

diya said...

I filled them up for Valentine's Day! I bought a tulsi and some flowering plants- hibiscus, one red and one yellow flowering plant! All the non flowering plants and cacti had survived inspite of my black finger!