Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Get Out the Pepper Sprays Women of Bangalore its Your Turn to Fight Terror!

I am thinking of selling pepper spray at Brigade road! Come on guys the papers are reporting that the Sene are planning V-Day attacks are going to be sitting ducks??? Girls who have learnt self defence skills this is the day to be on the prowl and test them. Be sure that Yeddy's police force will stand by watching you be slapped! Gear up dears this is your day show them what the women of Bangalore can do! Fight back and feel free to love and show love! I am going to buy a gift for the Mr for V-Day and for commenting for the first time on by blog. V-Day gives me another excuse to show my love. The Mr is quite a romantic fellow unlike any Bengali guy I know. He has given me a gift unfailingly on every Valentine's day since out marriage and on one V-Day just before it! I just love him for that. V-day provides us one more day when we can profess our love, otherwise we take it as said and get on with our daily routine. I will not let any Sene ( Ram, Shyam, Jadu or Madhu- this is the Bengali equivalent of Tom Dick and Harry) take it away from me. Bad luck Sene!


2 B's mommy said...

You go girl ! If I was there, I would have been right next to you to help you sell those sprays. I feel sick when I think about the pub incident.

~nm said...

OOoh..what a wonderful idea!! It will definitely be a good weapon to save yourself from such idiots!!

roop said...

u go, girl!!