Monday, February 9, 2009

Hail the Youth of Bangalore!

While I was seething in my armchair, the youth of Bangalore have found various novel ways to counter the culture terrorists. The latest one takes the cake because it is not the protest march variety but is quite akin to Gandhigiri- instead of the flowers that were sent to Lucky Singh of Munna Bhai fame, this group is urging people to send pink panties to the Sene chief! It seems that they have already gathered good support! The leader of the group says that though they take the threat of these goons seriously, they nevertheless want to show how ridiculous their imposition was and for this they have thought of a gift that shows derision and ridicule. Well, I do hope the sene office is flooded with pink chaddis!
However today somebody has pointed out that women in India used to go topless some centuries ago in India, trying to show how free women were then as compared to now, which argument I cannot completely support. Toplessness does not automatically mean freedom, it would mean freedom when the woman goes topless by her own choice- as when Protima Bedi shed her clothing on Juhu beach sending all into a tizzy- she was truely a free spirit. Till the recent past lower caste women in some parts of South India were not allowed to cover their breasts before upper caste men-thus although they were topless, they signified subordination as the upper caste men had to be given free access to them! So the important thing is women's choice, a woman may choose to be covered from head to toe and still be free and equal because her dress is her own choice and no one is imposing it on her. The question here is of freedom.
There was another small column at the bottom of the page by a confused individual who says that while Hindu women are allowed to roam about with Muslim men, Muslim women are never allowed to 'go on car rides with Hindu men'! His character claims that the Hindu boys will not be allowed to live if they take Muslim women for rides in their cars! So it is a kind of fight between the Hindu and Muslim men with women as the commodity- if Hindu girls are talking to Muslim boys then their should be an equal number of Hindu boys twirling Muslim girls around! I would like to enlighten this confused person that in a free society associations do take place between two adult people and their religions do not matter. And yes I do know of a fewMuslim women who had a romance with and is now married happily to Hindu men. Let me remind this person that there are many more deaths reported of Hindu men and women who have dared to marry outside of their caste. So the villain of the piece are not Hindu men or Muslim men but the Hindu and Muslim brothers and fathers and cousins who seek to dictate whom their sisters/daughters should meet talk to and marry.


2 B's mommy said...

Its good that they are doing something about it but I am not really sure if that's enough or if its going to make any difference...that man should be behind the bars !

diya said...

That cannot be in a BJP ruled state, the people must understand that. I would like to see how the youth handle these guys on the 14th. There is about to be a face off for sure. Today C K Meena in her column says that it is essentially an attempt to control the middle and upper caste urban women (labourer women can still enjoy their bidis and todi!)and it is for this class to combat these bafoons. Muthalik has said that they will send pink saris in return for the pink chaddis. It is for the women to make dhotis of these and make the pant clad goons wear it! For as is evident women are responsible for wearing and making the Indian sari a fashion statement till date whereas men have deserted the dhoti for pants a long long time ago! It is for the women to wrest their right of freedom from the goons. The mood is rebellious among the women in Bangalore and the Rama Sene is going to get it if it tries anything funny that is for sure. But the greater battle is the ideological one which we have to convince the people of this country about.