Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hai tujhhe bhi ijazat....

Day before yesterday I paused and I really have to do the mad rush routine now that the kids have holidays? NOOO was the answer, so I let go...I did not cook, I spent a leisurely morning at the net. Then took a leisurely bath and leisurely put nail polish on my toes (something I was meaning to do for ages)...and took the kids out for lunch! Nothing happened, the earth did not stop rotating, the sun did not set in the east and the Mahabharat did not become impure ( direct translation of Bengali saying 'Mahabharat oshudhho hoye jabe'). The result- happy me happy kids! Yesterday was also different, the brat went to Nimmi's house (our ex-neighbour who is still great pals with my kids) to spend the day. I went to buy prawns and cooked them for dinner. The mite and I went to Nimmi's house for dinner- she made lemon rice, gulab jamun and pepper rasam and I took the prawns. We had a good time on her terrece. Now I have decided that I will do minimal cooking and maximal enjoying!
This morning, the brat I had the mandatory fight in the morning regarding her attitude...however things have become better now when i fed her the watermelon that e had bought the other day. Looking forward to another peaceful day....jai ho!


2 B's mommy said...

what an apt title Diya ! Maza aa gaya.

I am feeling light just thinking about your day of no-cooking !!

but...just curious, did you get a chance to complete the title ?? Kuch mohabbat bhi ki ya nahi ;-) even put nail polish on you toes ?? Now I am J :D

~nm said...

Awesome..we all must learn to 'relax' and take it easy :) Its difficult but very much possible

And BTW I LOVE whenever I'm in B'lore am surely hopping over to your place :D

diya said...

2bm- the Mr is hardly home. He came at 9 day before yestrday- but yes we did steal a few minutes together late at night! tee he he he...can't say more as my nephew is an avid reader of this blog!!
-nm you are very welcome!
Why don't you two give yourselves a 'hai tumhe bhi ijazat...' day, both of you are going through a rough time...let the children heal and all be well.