Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday Splash!

I do not know how to swim properly, and I did not learn to cycle either, so i was determined that my children should learn these things at the proper time. The brat has shown a lot of promise in this matter. She learnt cycling pretty much on her own because I was pregnant at the time and could not help her and the Mr was too impatient. All I did was insist on removing the balance wheels in the face of stiff opposition from the entire family. Now it is the turn of swimming. I was determined to start her off this summer. The classes start in April- but the kids are allowed to splash around before that. We spent a refreshing Sunday morning at the pool side while the brat tried to float and the mite skipped about on the lawns. Aaaaah bliss.


~nm said...

Great..I also want to enroll Anirudh too in swimming but darn..every club here is so mindbogglingly expensive :(

diya said...

Yeah, that's true- the Mr had gone to Panchsheel club and came back reeling! You can try the school swimming pools. My daughter's ex-school APJ Sheikh Sarai has a pool which non-school children can use- the cost is not as much as club pools.All the best! But your betu is too little for swimming,no? He will need to be atleast 4feet for the APJ school pool.