Friday, March 6, 2009

Its That time of the year...

Well, its exam time and the very thought of making the Brat girl sit and study makes me sick! She is one drama queen and has been lead to believe that if she opens her mouth wide and bawls for a few minutes then she will invariably get her way! This tactic was fruitfully used with her grandparents but she is finding it rough going with me. I am a good teacher if the student is willing to listen to me but I have zero tolerence for theatrics. "I waaaant to watch tveeeee"...this when the exam is on the next day and not a single revision is complete! i remember we used to feel sorry to miss Chitrahaar before the exams but there was no question of defying Baba and watching it. The Brat is completely defiant! as it is she does all her preparations in the last minute and even then i have to beat down stiff resistance. The mite adds to the problem, he is the complete opposite of the brat and as soon as I ask the girl to study the mite says "aamar o homework aachhe, aamake ABCD shekhao, Mamma!" ( I have homework too, teach me ABCD mamma!) and I have to interrupt my lecture to the Brat and do some ABCD with him. When I come back to the scene, the BG (Brat Girl) has taken advantage of my distraction and started doing some craft work with complete disregard to my order of sitting down to study- thereafter a skirmish ensues whereby the BG tries to stop me from throwing her craftwork into the dustbin, and often getting a beating before she settles down to her books. After sometime she will come to me saying " Mamma, aami ektu break nite pari" (may I take a break) and if I chance to say 'yes' the entire routine is repeated again.

This exercise is leaving me quite weak. I have to work out a better strategy before I go completely insane!

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