Friday, September 28, 2007

Aha! Did That First

Yesterday's Delhi Times p8 carries photos of Michael J and SRK side by side to show how the former has begun to resemble the latter. The Mr had pointed it out on the day itself, I just wasn't as tech savy to pick out pictures of the two and post them on the blog. So dear folks who visit my blog or chance upon it, the Mr and I rest our case. But the thrust of the article written is diametrically opposite to our view. The journalist, undoubtedly an SRK fan, infact compares the two while endorsing the new look of SRK. Look here, my dear, I have no intention of watching SRK doing the moonwalk, that would be disgusting, what is Michael Jackson there in the world for? There are enough MJ clones in the world why should anyone be happy to see our Badshah resemble him?This is crazy, one should not become such a blind fan of anyone to the extent that one endorses the most serious blunder of the guy. I am a die hard fan of Amitabh Bachhan but could not sit through Mard or Coolie and did not shy away from saying so. I don't think that ANYONE would like to see SRK look like MJ so very few of these die hard fans must be around( and I am crossing my fingers tightly behind my back).

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