Thursday, September 27, 2007

Still no Mr on the Horizon

I had read somewhere that the unhappiest of women are not those without children but those who are single mothers with no spouse. Well I am temporarily in that condition. The Mr had to extend his stay so the life is without drama and excitement. We just manage some hurried smses before I zonk off at night so no scope for a juicy argument either!The kids are ok, the younger one tries to call his father up a few times everyday. "hao, Baba?" he says putting the toy mobile phone to his ear. But he is used to not having his Baba around for the entire day with only a short encounter at night. The older one ofcourse asks when Baba is going to be back and calculates the number of days that are left. Thanks to the grandparents the absence of their Baba is not as disorienting.
I really envy the guys who can murmur sweet nothings on the phone, the Mr and I start off on an argument barely three minutes into the call which can lead anywhere- in the realm of threats - including me moving out the next day or us filing for divorce!The parents in law save the dayby calling up my parents or sending counter threats our way. In any case we have spent ten years in this now on now off marriage and I am happy to see that we have done pretty well for ourselves if nothing else we can show off our bright and intelligent children each of whom has more brains and talent than the two of us put together. There is also the other side of our relationship when we kiss and make up within a few hours after deciding to get a divorce!No one can understand the vagaries of the human relationship, not even the people who are in it!

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